Target : IIT / MBBS 2017

  • Two-year Target: IIT/ MEDICAL Integrated Course for students of Standard IX.
  • One-year Target: IIT / MEDICAL Course (Part I) for students of Standard IX.
  • One-year Target:ITT / MEDICAL Course (Part II) for students of Standard X.
  • All are postal courses in the English medium only.
  • The course lessons are despatched on a monthly basis for the one-year course in 5 sets. There are a total of 10 lessons in each of the subjects – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • For the two-year course, 5 sets are sent during each year. The total number of lessons is 20, covering both years.
  • The following additional materials are also provided: (i) Quiz, (ii) A booklet titled “Makers of Modern Science”, (iii) Glossary of Technical Terms in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and (iv) Practical manuals in Physics and Chemistry.
  • Doubt Letter Scheme.
  • Postal Test Papers: Two tests in the one-year course and four in the two-year course – 2 in each year.