School Exam Prep

The Bane of Rote Learning

As a young student, when you learn Maths and Science subjects, you can truly develop your analytical thinking. Such analytical capability will stand you in good stead right through Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies. It will also provide a firm foundation for a creditable performance in various Competitive Entrance Exams – helping you access the career of your choice. All this is possible ONLY if you ‘learn to understand’ rather than ‘learn by rote’ to regurgitate in the school exams. Learning by rote limits you to just securing good marks in school exams. It does precious little to develop your understanding of concepts and analytical thinking capability. And it fails miserably, therefore, in grooming you to possess the capabilities to face the challenges of your future, in your professional as well as personal life.

The Art of Studying Right

The art of studying well engenders the creation of a passion for the subject you learn. You must be thrilled to go from one topic to the next – as you discover a growing interest in the subject. After all, your time is precious and can’t be spent on ‘boring’ learning. Learn to understand. Learn to love the subject you’re learning. When you attain this healthy attitude, your fears of exams will fly away. All you’ll be left with is CONFIDENCE – solid as a rock. And that rock will be the foundation for your career in the future, besides being the support to help you face the challenges of life in general.