Brilliant’s Salient Features

Our 42 years of experience in working with students, our organisational strength and our uncompromising standards of commitment can only produce the very best. Feature by feature, Brilliant’s Classroom Training is superior.

More classroom hours per course

Brilliant’s courses have more course hours than most other classroom courses. The number of hours has been arrived at after specialised research on how much actual time is required to effectively conduct these courses. Thus Brilliant’s courses deliver not just optimal learning but greater value for money.

More comprehensive study material

To complement the oral instruction in the classroom, students are provided with printed study material featuring comprehensive theory lessons interspersed with illustrative examples plus solved and unsolved problems.

Every topic is broken up into several sections.

At the end of each section, there is a set of questions to help students verify their assimilation of the concepts taught in that section. Only when a student has become thorough will he/she proceed to the next section.

Similarly, students are encouraged to solve problems without help. If they are unable to, they are given progressive hints to help them think through the solution.

The courses, on the whole, have a more ‘interactive’ approach. A distinguishing feature of our courses is the extensive use of ‘Mind Maps’ that display entire topics in a graphic form for easy re-cap.

Most sought-after faculty members

Brilliant’s students are taught by a faculty comprising some of the most respected and sought-after teachers. Experts, with years of JEE training experience, who have successfully put batch after batch of students through the JEE. All of them are specialists in their subjects and are fully tuned to the specific learning needs of JEE aspirants.

The Brilliant formula for success in JEE
What you need How we make sure you get it
Thorough knowledge of subjects
  • More course hours
  • Better study material featuring concise and complete theory lessons
  • More interactive training approach
  • Faculty with proven experience in JEE training
Problem-solving skills
  • Classroom instructions
  • Well-structured assignments
  • YG-File package with 1500 super-tough problems
Test-taking temperament
  • Regular classroom tests and feedback

All across India, Brilliant Tutorials shines as a symbol of success in Competitive Entrance Exams. Most notably in JEE Training, Brilliant towers over the rest as the most trusted name, with a 38-year track record of producing thousands of winners, including hundreds among the All-India Top Rankers.