National Insurance Company Officers Exam

  • The course material is in English and only students who can follow our lessons in the English medium should apply for enrolment.
  • Approach papers discussing the format of testing, with valuable hints for attacking each Test in its perspective.
  • Introduction to the different areas of testing that proceeds to build up the requisite knowledge from first principles, as would a text book.
  • Assignments and Exercises on individual topics to gain mastery of concepts.
  • Key and Explanatory Notes, worked out problems in detail and analysis of reasons in select cases for the choice of a particular alternative, thereby contributing to effective learning.
  • Comprehensive Test Papers modelled on actual papers for providing sufficient practice and gaining confidence.

    In the Test of General Awareness, some questions will be on the latest events. It is imperative, therefore, that candidates update their information on current events by building a Data Bank from news items over a period immediately preceding the exam. Our material will provide models of the questions asked.

    Students will be sent study material(a total of 6 Sets) for the National Insurance CompanyOfficers Exam. Details of the sets are as follows:

    Set 1: Test of English Language
    Set 2: Test of General Awareness
    Set 3: Test of Quantitative
    Set 4: Test of Reasoning
    Set 5: Descriptive Paper in English
    Set 6: Comprehensive Test Papers