Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

The title of Doctor of Medicine is one of the hardest earned of all that we strive for. As a profession, it’s a mission of mercy and has a compelling fascination for young minds and hearts sensitive to suffering. It also carries with it a dignity and respectability, not easily matched. Medical education in India is among the best in this part of the world. More than 18,000 seats are available to Indian nationals, every year, at various medical colleges across the country. But the number of students appearing for the National-Eligibility-Cum-Entrance Test, which has replaced almost all medical entrance exams in the country runs into a few lakhs. The key to success is the highest level of preparation and that is what Brilliant’s courses have been designed to impart.

Postal Courses for MBBS:
             1. TARGET: IIT/ MBBS

The course aims to focus the attention of students, at a very young age, on basic study areas of modern medical science. The lessons enable the students entering High School (Standards IX and X) to develop a keen interest in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. At the end of TARGET / MBBS and upon entering Standard XI, the student is ready to embark on a two-year preparation for medical entrance examinations.

A Mathematics segment is also included to meet the immediate requirements of the school curriculum and help select the desired combination of subjects for Standards XI and XII.

             2. CBSE-PLUS (2-year postal course)

This is an integrated Correspondence Course spanning Standards XI and XII. It is rich in theory, worked examples, assignments and solutions. Therefore, the student gets abundant practice in answering objective-type questions and solving problems.

              3. NEET UG (1-year postal course)

This is a one-year postal course for students who have passed or are in Standard XII, which will provide adequate preparation support for NEET-UG. There are worked examples, the exercises, the Question Bank and the Self-Scorers. The B.NET One-year Test Series and the Full-Syllabus Postal Simulator Tests for NEET gives the students abundant practice.

The Question Bank course can be taken separately also.