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  • There are 14 sets of lesson materials and assignments, 7 of which are sent in the first year and the remaining 7 in the second year. An assignment of objective questions and problems follow each lesson. The problems are in two levels of difficulty to gradually initiate the student towards solving problems on par with the JEE standard.
  • Each year a YG (Young Genius) File offers a collection of 1500 tough problems in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in two parts – YG File – Part I and YG File – Part II, both containing questions based on the JEE syllabus, together with solutions.
  • A Ready-Reference Compendium, which is a collection of important formulae, equations and data in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, to help solve the YG Files.
  • B.MAT Test series with 14 National Online Tests and 10 Postal Simulator series with solutions for JEE.

B.MAT National online Tests:

  • B.MAT Part Tests and Full-Syllabus Tests : Six Part Tests and Eight Full-Syllabus Tests conducted online across the country.
  • In order to help students prepare thoroughly for the JEE four three-hour Progressive Evaluation Tests consisting of Paper I and II with questions in each subject (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) will be conducted online.
  • Full-Syllabus home-based Simulator Test Series for JEE: Ten test papers patterned on JEE, with sealed solutions. This home-based Simulator Test Series, plus the B.MAT Series for the JEE comprising six Part Tests and eight Full-Syllabus Tests will give an experience of having sat through 24 Mock Tests before the actual one in April, 2013.
  • Five Postal Test Papers in each subject is sent with Sets 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12. These are modeled on JEE. Sealed solutions for the Tests are sent in the subsequent set for self-evaluation.
  • Doubt Letter Scheme.
  • Solutions to the preceding 4 years’ JEE question papers are sent to ELITE students.


  • Rs18,120/- + Service Tax: Rs.2240/->Total: Rs.20, 360/-.