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Indian Institute Of Technology – Joint Entrance Examination


Admission of Indian nationals to undergraduate programmes like B.Tech/B.Pharm/Integrated M.Sc., and M.Tech courses in any one of the JEEs at Chennai, Guwahati, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur,Kharagpur and Roorkee, is made through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted by an JEE every year. Some other well-known institutes also admit students to their undergraduate programmes from the JEE merit list.

Understandably, the Joint Entrance Examination –JEE– is extremely tough and calls for a high level of preparedness.This is where Brilliant Tutorials comes in. For nearly 4 decades, Brilliant Tutorials has been assisting students to face the daunting JEE with immense confidence and remarkable success.

6 out of the All-India Top 10 of JEE 2006 are also Brilliant’s students.

When should I start preparing for JEE?

Ideally from Standard IX, because the workload then is far lesser than those of higher classes. Preparation becomes easier and owing to the advantage of time, much deeper.

Postal and Classroom Courses offered by Brilliant Tutorials for JEE.
Correspondence Courses for JEE:
    1. TARGET:Engg

This course is intended for students of Standards IX and X. Brilliant’s professors, with their in-depth understanding of JEE, have prepared the lessons to enable young students to get a firm grasp of basic concepts in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The course is designed to complement and supplement regular schoolwork.

    1. JEE:ELITE – For Students of Std-XI

Brilliant’s 2-year ELITE course for JEE has been developed and honed over the years. It is the most exhaustive, scientific and systematic preparation available for JEE. The course sets you on a carefully chartered path beginning immediately after the Standard X exams and leading right up to JEE. ELITE makes the maximum use of the less taxing Standard XI. It equips you, not only with the necessary knowledge, but also essential problem-solving skills. The course teaches the subjects from fundamentals, drills students with graded exercises, guides them with Postal Test Papers with solutions, raises their morale through Contact Programmes for interaction with our faculty and evaluates them periodically with B.MAT (Brilliant’s Mock All-India Tests), the most rigorous, real and result-oriented testing process under exact JEE conditions.

    1. JEE:YG (Young Genius) File with B.MAT

The preparation for JEE involves intensive training to answer objective-type questions and solving tough problems. There is always an element of surprise in the JEE question paper. YG File prepares students for such surprises through the experience of tackling problems of JEE standard. The course teaches the subject from fundamentals, drills students with graded exercises, evaluates them with B.MAT (Brilliant’s Mock All-India tests) – the most rigorous, real and result-oriented testing process under exact JEE conditions, guides them with Postal and Simulator Test papers (with solutions), and raises their morale through Contact Programmes for interaction with our faculty.

    For Students of Std-XII:

    1. One-year course with YG (Young Genius) File and B.MAT One-year Test Series (Brilliant’s Mock All-India Tests) for the JEE Main and Advanced Exams.
    2. YG File course with B.MAT One-Year Test Series.