CSIR-UGC / NET Science June

  • Our study material for the CSIR-UGC (NET) Examination follows in a detailed manner the syllabus announced by the CSIR in their latest advertisement.
  • The material is divided into 8 sets:
    • Set 1 : Subject material for Part A(common to all subjects).
    • Sets 2 to 8: Subject material for Part B & Part C.
  • The material has been prepared by experts in their respective fields with illustrative examples, worked out problems and questions to the requisite extent. We currently offer study material in the following subjects:
    • Chemical Sciences [1].
    • Life Sciences [3].
    • Mathematical Sciences [4].
    • Physical Sciences [5].

    (The corresponding subject codes are indicated after each subject.)

  • Doubt Letter Scheme: A correspondence course ceases to be one, if the lines of communication between the teacher and the taught are not kept open. We are always ready to help our students.
  • The student should send us the doubts in writing with the solutions/answers in the prescribed format, indicating where the doubt occurred, for our professors to guide further.
  • It is, however, to be clearly understood that the professors are not bound to respond to all the doubts received, if in their judgement any of the doubts are considered not relevant to the subject matter or adequate efforts have not been made by the student to find a solution.
  • We reserve our right not to respond to any question without assigning any reasons.